The World Is Nothing


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released November 2, 2015

ZEIT are:
Alessandro Maculan - guitars
Sebastiano Busato - voices
Gabriele Tesolin - bass
Francesco Begotti - drums

The World Is Nothing © 2015 All Rights Reserved.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in March 2015 at Hate Studio (Vicenza, Italy) by Luca “Peo” Spigato.
All Music And Lyrics by Zeit
Guest Vocal on “Tautologies” by Fabio Favaretto from Hobos.
Artwork by SoloMacello

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Dischi Bervisti Italy

Dischi Bervisti is a very small independent label.

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Track Name: World And Distance
The world
has never impeded us
to express ourselves
but what it gave us
is a preclusive language.
If we persist
in living into difference
how can we increase
the distance between us?
By watching
the existence,
we saw the thing
by touching the thing,
we made the object,
we compelled ourselves
to be identity
into illusion
that lives through the difference
and its continuous happening.
The world is nothing but this repetition,
the distance must increase,
it is the epistyle
you need to pass through,
never wondering towards the revealing of the differences once we step out of the path
made into object, as near as incomplete.
The world
wonʼt still
stop us
from talking.
But our being in the world
and in the difference wonʼt be identity anymore, weʼll have no language
and only silence will remain
Track Name: Weaving
An explosion
that weaves
the womb where the being
is buried.
Needles sew bodies,
weaving chains
crossing tissues, water, sand and mountains.
In the middle,
a genius A madman, a man
He moves, he pulls the wires.
Only two eyes on his face,
and a third one on top of his head facing the sky.
As that eye is so high
He doesn't realize, he doesn't see the chains gushing from our mouths.
Track Name: Distance And Difference
You gave a name to nothingless
as if it was on the other side,
you gave a name to nothingless
as if there was another side.
Try to listen and float with the sound
of things you say.
Listen and try
staring at the ground,
here is the only possible spot
no matter how hard you try.
Distance and difference
are wrinkles
of a face with one sole expression,
all you see are tearful eyes
with the wind they collide
but the wind's direction won't change,
it keeps blowing among us.
Just think of staying here for a while,
is the sole alternative and that face won't stop crying.
All you knew was wrong,
all you had is gonel
anything you watch is dead,
anything you loved now left.
Listen and think of resting for a while.
Nothing is as impossible
as describing nonexistence.
My memory stretches its hand towards you,
it clashes and caresses the sole expression of that face and sweeps away distance and differences.
Track Name: Chasing The Void
It's the same reality
the living and the dead,
the awake and the asleep,
the empty and the full,
the young and the old.
this becomes the other
and changing
the other is this again.
Flowing one after another
even though they'll never collide,
moved by this impossible bond,
finding out everything is already
old and young
running after things that can't be divided
for they were divided at birth.
this becomes the other,
trying to mark the passing of time
floating on the surface
they can only look behind.
It's the same reality
the living and the dead,
the awake and the asleep,
the empty and the full,
the young and the old
Track Name: Tautologies
The futility of the concept of truth is shut in its own building,
it wouldnʼt be so hard to tear
this thousand year-old building down
but anytime I demolish
I keep on rebuilding.
All propositions of logic
are of equal rank.
Every tautology itself
shows that it is a tautology.
Logical research means
the investigation of all regularity.
And outside logic all is accident.
The only way to shut it down is
"To say nothing except what can be said", but without the speech what remains?
I tried to yell with infinite voices to smash it up But none of these in enough
to reach the foundations.
Thatʼs because by now
in my infinite voices
the only rule echoed is:
"To say nothing except what can be said". And the silence that talks to me
from its inner walls
is the one I surrendered to as the worthless truth “Whereof one cannot speak,
thereof one must be silent”.
Track Name: Lack Of Parts
I created this world
and everything you see.
You are my thing.
Created by me, you are mine, you are me, you are a part of me. All your pain
and all your happiness,
this feeling of being alive
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
But this world,
Is the only way
I can be free.
Thanks for being a part of it
Thanks for living for me.
I'm not sure you need my excuses, anyway, thank you.
Track Name: No Conception
There's no life on man's earth,
no room for the dead,
only fathers deceiving themselves.
All the gods they created
put a curse on the human race
forcing it to conceive life as some divine grace. Cursed is the god
that cursed the father
and cursed is the race he begot, twice is cursed the father who created god. No life, nor death,
my blessing frees you from grace.
Not free, nor guilty,
I give conscious unconsciousness
give your mind the right cage. Burn down fears, embrace the void, I beheaded your fathers for you
Track Name: The Walls Of The World
The only thing we can say is
what we're not,
what we donʼt want.
The impossible
is unperceivable
and what we
have been building
is nothing
but its image
raised by the illusion born from the absence.
A further has passed,
the other fade away.
The walls of the world I canʼt grip are drew by the flow. They really donʼt care about all this because when the moment of the third further will come,
of the fourth, of the fifth, of those following,
they will watch them fall as soon as I drop them
“Is not”, and all the conceivable negations. And the only thing left
is that Iʼm able to tell.
Track Name: Past Meanings
The meaning of things
is just the surface
of interpretation
of what seems to be
a given order
of the world.
The combination we call nature is just the becoming
of what
we call balance.
What we call
is just the order of something needed
to create
the illusion of the order. There are no balances
to observe,
obviousness to discover
or lives to love,
maybe not even
the flowing of things.
No love and longing for what has disappeared. Thereʼs no sense
in saying what we have just said.
There arenʼt words in excess
to make it stupid less.