-reconcilement- at present, a sweet lullaby

by full effect

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-reconcilement- at present, a sweet lullaby è il secondo album dei full effect, band trevigiana attiva tra il 1995 ed il 2006 circa.

Dischi Bervisti offre per la prima volta il free download completo dell'album con tre pezzi inediti registrati tra il 2003 ed il 2004.

-reconcilement- è uscito nel 2002 in CD (300 copie) grazie a Loudblast/FreakOut! e nel 2006 è stato ristampato in CD-r (100 copie) da (NOISECULT).

DB013 - Dischi Bervisti - 2014


released June 23, 2014

chris, nick, steo, tommy
all songs written by t. mantelli and full effect
all lyrics written by c. romano
produced by full effect
recorded, mixed and mastered by t. mantelli and n. manzan at lesder studio, treviso –italy- between 2001 and 2002
cover drawing and cover concept by c. romano



all rights reserved


Dischi Bervisti Italy

Dischi Bervisti is a very small independent label.

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Track Name: in winter i found a rock
while i catch you
in winter i found a rock
at any time
you close the door
and everything was dark
face to face with my thing
i feel lost, so depressed
please call me
inside your smile
recreation ground
i like a seesaw
sitting with my friends
Track Name: another body
so i tried to forgive you
but you are always by my side
i know outside is getting dark
and now i cannot think about
my things
it is so cold i’m here with my
and my dog
reality strikes
i’m walking alone
through this forest
i’m terrified
i hate you
tonight i feel gelous and i cry
i watch my hands ripping
they cry
and afterall i watch myself
please show me the way
because that is sorrow
all my body shaking
a deep sore inside my heart
Track Name: kisses; kisses
this body is just a carcass
every single day
older and older
this time is forever
melancholy on sunday evenings
Track Name: dark cats on the window
lullaby, it is just a lullaby
not easy to be peaceful
i know after all this
i will be so peaceful
i’m scriming into
your face
i have got my bread
but lots of pain inside
it is a fake
why is society
just a big fake
maybe i can tell you a
people who are really
happy and peaceful
usualy have only
one purpose
to help their neighbour
it took me 24 years
to realize that you can
also suffer
living in the west side
with all the stuff you need
food, house, love, spirituality, fun
what is the system going to create
sometimes you are so empty
unable to express your real
1000 eyes are always watching you
your heart is always compressed
into a big iron vice jaw
bones are so fragile
life is so fragile
Track Name: cry down
live for the present,
dream of the future,
learn from the past
an anonym said
i tried
i cried for help god
and it was my fault
forever and ever
i will be alone
god, grandpa
it was my fault
forgive me
for making dark
who is full of light
why did she make
me cry
away from me
Track Name: black1
stars, black angel
black moquette with
only one flower
desolation uses
one line, eyeliner
heavy black water
wishing well
i wish you
a merry christmas
Track Name: madame lily
i’d like to swim in a swimming pool
with cold water, small light
during the sunset
indoor and a lot of big windows
alone, and after with my friends
sitting together on a bench
watching black birds over and over
a soft creep with cat eyes
nose nose wet nose
madonna lily
Track Name: fecundity, nobleness and creativeness
flies fly inside a stomach of an ant
tibetan dragons for
fecundity, nobleness, creativeness
ghosts fly inside human stomachs
om mani padme hum
Track Name: life or death, one of them will cheat you
and i’m ripping my way
everything is out there
behind a window
rain is falling and i feel sad
all my body is covered by
shit, a pool of shit
it is about knowing
the human weakness
and poverty
the same as a tree leafy branch
life or death one of them will cheat you
a good cop
a bad cop
please someone help me
Track Name: my pole-star
does eveybody
need a personal
pole-star or are we
simply individual
spheres in a big
pinball machine
we believe what
we want to believe
Track Name: synesthésie (avec les yeux fermés, la bouche ouverte)
happy new year to you
you with your lips
smell like an ice cream
sneaky sneer in your nose
because eyelid secrets
human slime
clockwork lemon
is the new soundtrack
yellow liquid violence
everybody could piss off
lunacy inside every
human being
i love you
because you can hate me
why you hate politeness
even a sweet child could
cover in blood his doll
lollipop, lollipop
lips bleeding
love bleeds to death
Track Name: the wheel
my religion is kindness